2024 Better Your Best

Grand Prize of $10,000!

Deadline to apply is Jan 7th, 2024.
Winner announced at the February 2024 RISE Conference.

Must be present to win.

What is Better Your Best?

The “Better Your Best” contest calls for all iGo Community members to submit an application highlighting their business achievements of the past year. 

Virtually every Platinum Community Member has a chance to win the contest, regardless of their current business situation. 

The winner is not determined by how successful their business is, but by the improvements they have achieved in their category, as well as by who can best articulate the amazing benefits of making a commitment to building a better business.

During our RISE Conference, a winner is selected to receive the grand prize of $10,000 cash and become the iGo Community Ambassadors for the new year! 

The iGo team and the greater iGo Community look forward to this contest every year, as it allows us to come together and celebrate one another’s accomplishments – because that’s what our community is all about: cheering each other on, applauding those who reach their goals, and helping others avoid pitfalls along the way. And as we all strongly believe, supporting another’s success won’t ever dampen your own.

Contest Rules & Overview

Contest Overview

  • Virtually every Platinum Community Member has a chance to win the “Better Your Best” contest, regardless of who you are or what your current overall business performance is. 
  • The winner is not determined by how successful their business is, but by the improvements they have achieved in their category, as well as by who can best articulate the amazing benefits of making a commitment to building a better business.
  • The winners of the contest will show the most improvements in their business category by comparing a period of at least 3-months from 2023 to the same period of at least 3-months in 2022.

Application Directions

  • There are two main categories for your application: 1. Revenue Growth and Profit and 2. Business Operations and Campaigns.
  • – For the Revenue Growth and Profit category: this will focus on financial and operations performance as well as any strategic changes that may have been made to improve KPIs.
  • – For the Business Operations and Campaigns category: this will focus on the everything from the addition of profitable ancillary services to high-performing marketing campaigns. We will want to clearly understand the key insights and strategies implemented that led to success.
  • ESSAY: In 700 words or less, please explain why you should be named the “Better Your Best” contest winner. Contestants should be creative and specific in their essays. 
  • You may choose to discuss how you benefited from this contest, how goal setting is an important component of success, or    your use of proven marketing techniques. 
  • Consider questions such as: What kept you going this year? What was the single most important element of your success? How can you motivate others? 
  • VIDEO: In 60 secs, please  provide a video of a successful marketing campaign you executed that contributed to your growth. Explain what steps you took to achieve this campaign and how it helped your company in 2023.
  • You may choose to verbally speak through this campaign or show a digital marketing campaign with a loom video

Times and Deadlines

  • The “Better Your Best” contest is officially open. The contest is based on your improvement from what your business did in any period of at a three consecutive month period in 2022 compared to what it does in the same months in 2023. For example, you may choose to compare the period March – May 2022 with March – May 2023.
  • There are no application fees. You simply need to be a Platinum Member in good standing to enter. Being a Platinum Member in 2023 does NOT obligate you to enter the contest. Entering the contest gives you an opportunity to step up to the plate and showcase your achievements.
  • The grand prize winner not only receives $10,000, but will also become the national spokesperson of the iGo Community and a designated “Ambassador” to the industry. 
  • The “Better Your Best” contest applications must be received by Jan, 7th, 2024 to be considered. The winner will be announced at the 2024 RISE Conference and contestants must be present to be eligible to win.

Selection Process

  • After you complete and submit your application at the conclusion of the contest period, a panel of up to twelve judges familiar with the home inspection business, marketing, and business growth strategies will thoroughly evaluate each competitor’s contest application.
  • Judges will examine the application from the perspective of the category you competed in and will look at the documentation you provided proving the improvement you made during the contest period. 
  • They will also thoroughly review each essay, giving it a score based in part on how well each competitor explains how he/she benefited from making a commitment to bettering their business. They’ll be looking for explanations of what worked for you and how you can share your experiences for the benefit of other community members. This can be done in video or other creative formats. You can also be creative in how you choose to present your information. The sky is the limit!
  • Contestants will be partially judged based on their level of improvement against that of the other companies competing in the same category and status. Fifty percent or more of the judging will be based on the changes you implemented in your business, and up to fifty percent will be based on your essay. In the event of a tie, the tie will be broken by which competitor received the highest essay score.
  • After each person who has entered the contest has a final score, up to 12 finalists will be selected based on who receives the highest score from each category. Each finalist may be asked to give a short presentation at the 2024 RISE Conference, which will factor into the final judging.
  • Your iGo Community Membership level does not impact your probability of being selected as performance KPIs will be relative to the previous year as a percentage.

Grand Prize of $10,000

  • The grand prize winner will be considered an “Ambassador” and might be asked to attend – at the iGo Community’s expense – certain industry functions and all iGo Community events. The grand prize winner must also be available for media interviews, be interviewed for materials copyrighted to iGo Community for unrestricted use, and otherwise act as an iGo Community industry ambassador.



  • In order to compete in this contest, you must be a Platinum member in good standing, meaning that you are engaged with your team and do not have an outstanding balance on your monthly payments. You must also have participated in at least seventy-five percent (75%) of coaching calls and Platinum meetings.
  • Winner must be present at the 2024 RISE Conference. Contest payout is contingent upon continued Platinum membership and participation through at least February 2025. Premature iGo Community membership cancellation and/or lack of participation will result in forfeiture of reward and any reward received will need to be returned.

2023 BYB Winners!

Congratulations to our 2023 BYB winners, Derek Ballard and Jessica Ballard of Inspection Gator of Texas!

Request a copy of the BYB eBook to find out just how they, and all of the finalists, bettered their business in 2023 and achieved record-breaking numbers.

For additional help, please contact iGo Member Care.