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Let’s Get You Equipped for Success

Home inspection company owners across the country are fast-tracking their path to success, and it’s all because they’ve packed the essentials. Here are a few key items they’ve got in their bag.



Success Schedule: Two Week Calendar

A success schedule will allow you to find some extra time, maximize it, and avoid unnecessary stress. Your success schedule should include the three types of “time” associated with your business: focus on time, function in time, and freedom from time.

Discover how to divide your time and create a success schedule that will allow you to accomplish your goals. 



Download our example calendar as well as a blank template so you can build your own Success Schedule.


Eight Disciplines to Focus on When Not Doing Inspections

What do you spend your time on while you’re waiting for the phone to ring? When used productively, this time can launch you ahead of the curve with a new rigor and discipline to come out even stronger. When not inspecting, you should focus on:

  1. Making a personal connection
  2. Nurturing your network
  3. Auditing your efficiency 
  4. Surveying your team
  5. Implementing your process audit
  6. Studying your industry and local competition
  7. Boosting your profile
  8. Planning for every contingency

Learn how to practice these disciplines and perform a complete business check-up that will boost your company’s overall health.



Maximizing & Understanding Profitability

Do you ever wonder, where does the money go? 

Discover how much profitability you should expect from your home inspection company, and why your accountant thinks you have profit but the bank account balance isn’t showing it. Plus, learn three tips for being more profitable in 2022. 



Million Dollar Inspection Company Formula

There are some tried-and-true formulas for building an inspection company that have been developed and implemented for success time and time again. One of those is the million dollar inspection company formula. 



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Unlock your potential as a business leader and be amazed by what you can accomplish with the support of iGo Community. The iGo Community is made up of a vast network of the industry-leading and fastest-growing inspection companies across the nation. We come together to tap into new strategies for growth and excellence, share knowledge, learn what works – and what doesn’t – from those who have experienced it first hand, and to inspire one another through our journey.


Community gives inspection company owners access to business and marketing tools and expertise from the best in the industry.


Community comes with a virtual social network, connecting home inspection entrepreneurs across the country to share and collaborate.


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