7:00 AMRegistrationSonoran Foyer
8:00 AMAspire & Elite Mastermind MeetingCholla
10:00 AMPowerhouse & Challengers Mastermind MeetingsCholla
10:00 AMSupreme, Advantage & Accel GSD Mastermind MeetingsOcotillo
12:00 PMLunchSonoran Rooftop Patio
1:30 PMConference General Session StartSonoran Ballroom
1:45 PMKeynote: Thriving With Change: Resilience in Entrepreneurship, Economic Insights for 2024, andStrategies for Prospering in a Dynamic Market Speaker: Garry CreathSonoran Ballroom
2:30 PMExpanding Your Business to Thrive in any Market. Featuring: insurance, investment, contracts, operational rollout, plus go-to-market marketing. Speakers: Ryan Peart, Philip Bullock Jeff DonaldsonSonoran Ballroom
3:15 PMBREAKCoyote / Exhibit Hall
3:45 PMBetter Your Best Finalist PresentationsSonoran Ballroom
4:50 PMWhere are they now? From Better Your Best Winning Team 2023. Find out what has driven their business this year. Plus, tips and tricks to get through the rough times. Speaker: Jessica BallardSonoran Ballroom
7:00 PMGala Dinner, Awards and Graduation CeremonySonoran Ballroom
9:00 PMPlatinum LoungeGold

9:00 AMGeneral Session BeginsSonoran Ballroom
9:05 AMBack to the Basics – Are you covering the business fundamentals? Speakers: Jessica Ballard, Jamie Miller, James Williams, John TylerSonoran Ballroom
9:50 AMPanel Discussion with the Biggest Voices in the Industry. Speakers: Nick Gromicko, John Russell, and Chad HettSonoran Ballroom
10:30 AMBREAKCoyote / Exhibit Hall
11:10 AMNever Waste a Good Crisis. How to leverage the downturn to your advantage and takeover your market with the upswing. Speakers: Dave Sherwood , Ryan Peart, Philip & Patrick, Bullock, Rick O’Neal , Bob MassanovaSonoran Ballroom
12:00 PMLUNCHSonoran Rooftop Patio
1:30 PMBREAKOUT 1: Staying Lean & Mean: How to use AI in your business to maximize productivity, creativity and profits. Speakers: Aaron Shishilla, Austin Hintze – WolfPack AdvisingOcotillo
1:30 PMBREAKOUT 2: Custom Home Builders and Hotels: A new business vertical with higher Income. Speakers: Rob Gray , Reed Rogers, and Bob MassanovaCholla
1:30 PM – 6:00 PMEPA Certification – Level 2 Mold Class Instructor: Dave SherwoodJohn Wayne
1:30 PM – 5:00 PMExperience Mastermind Workshop (FOR GUESTS) Instructors: Dan Deist , Chad Hett and Jerry LinkhornSaguaro
3:00 PMBREAKCoyote/Exhibit Hall
3:30 PMBREAKOUT 3: The RULE of BLAISE Percentages to live or die by. Payroll, marketing, and more. Speaker: Jeff DonaldsonOcotillo
3:30 PMBREAKOUT 4: Secure Agent Loyalty with HomeBinder Assistant How to make it work, get your agents excited about it and get your inspectors on board. Speakers: Christian Adams, John Russell, Bob Massanova, Jack HuntressCholla
6:00 PMHiLadies MeetingLookout
7:00 PMExperience Mastermind Dinner (FOR GUESTS) With: Dan Deist, John Russell, and Jerry LinkhornPalm

8:00 AMEPA Certification – Level 2 Mold Class Instructor: Dave SherwoodSaguaro
9:00 AMBREAKOUT 1: Workshop: How to overcome resistance and objections with realtors. Speakers: Dan Deist and Christian AdamsOcotillo
9:00 AMBREAKOUT 2: Are you the problem? Identifying barriers to business success. Unscalable processes, Leadership development, Marketing effectiveness. Speakers: Celeste Starchilld and Doug WolfCholla
10:45 AMBREAKOUT 3: Advanced Management How to get your inspectors onboard to upsell and drive ancillary services. Speaker: John TylerOcotillo
10:45 AMBREAKOUT 4: How to Develop your Brand like a Pro Reframing your marketing approach for better results. Speakers: Heidi Brown and Jerry LinkhornCholla
12:00 PMWrap Up & GoodbyesCatalina Foyer/Terrace